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The 12 Crafts of Christmas #3

The 12 Crafts of Christmas #3

This Basket


This has been a difficult year for my grandmother. She had to move out of her long time home, and has been in a few different hospitals & assisted living places over the past several months. But the last time I visited her in her home, she mentioned that she has “a thing” for baskets. Even when she knows she doesn’t have a need for new ones, she still loves to get them. Since I also have “a thing” for baskets, I decided that a new basket would be the perfect Christmas gift for her. So I signed up for another class & made this one!

FairEntries2013  Cherokee-Wheels

The Cherokee Wheels detail is a nice touch, I think. I don’t remember what the name of this pattern was, but I love how it turned out. I’m pretty sure my grandmother will enjoy it as well. I plan to fill it with books & goodies for her, for Christmas. Because, who doesn’t enjoy a basket full of goodies?

I did actually buy a second set of materials so I could make one for myself. Hopefully I’ll have time to start it after the end of the year.

Of my Christmas Crafts 2013, this was probably the most time consuming & definitely the earliest completed this year. I had it done before Labor Day, so I could submit it in my local fair (along with the elephant & painting), where it received a blue ribbon!

What was your first Christmas Craft this year?

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