Every Crafter Has a List

…or Two… or More!

WIP / UFO List

1. Secret Christmas gift quilt – FAMILY TREE quilt
2. Black & White & Fun All Over (this is not mine, but a good example of what mine might look like when it’s finished)
3. Christmas gift purses  (1 for my Aunt)  (2 for my friend’s daughters) – completed!
4. Christmas gift Broomstick Lace afghan – completed!
5. 2010 Halloween costumes
6. Pink mug rug
7. Argyle mug rug
8. UK pants monster (Goofy Doll like these) – completed!
9. little girl monster (Goofy Doll like these) – completed!
10. My Happy Quilt (My Sister & Me Happy fabric, my own quilt pattern)
11. Superman inspired quilt – completed!
12. Striped baby quilt
13. Butterfly baby quilt (inspired by this one which I thought I saw on a mag. cover, but couldn’t find later. Please let me know if you have any good ruffles tutorials, hints, tricks, tips, &c.)

Coming Soon Someday Projects

1. Chess table cover
2. My Happy Quilt (My Sister & Me Happy fabric, my own quilt pattern)
3. Tree skirt for some future Christmas
4. gift style pin cushion – completed & gifted!

Project Wish List

(someday, I’d like to make…)

1. Kaleidoscope quilt
2. Denim quilt for my husband
3. Whirlygig quilt
4. Williamsburg Pinwheels
5. Parisville quilt (I’ve got a basic design in my head for this one, but haven’t started on it yet)
6. Bruises quilt (I’ll explain that one, if I ever start working on it)
7. T-Shirt quilt (from shirts of all the places my father lived)
9. Stars quilt
10. This quilt inspires me, so I want to come up with something similar, but different.
11. A quilt made from the fabric of space & time…

Fabric Lines I Would Love to Purchase

(in some cases, *find* & purchase)

1. Full Moon Forest by Tula Pink (especially the owls, squirrels, rabbits, trees & droplets)
2. Pure by Sweetwater (mostly the argyle and “&” prints)
3. Parisville by Tula Pink (all of it, as soon as it comes out) – purchased! (I did actually buy some of everything in this line!)
4. All Star 2 by Riley Blake (especially the stars & paisleys)
5. Prince Charming by Tula Pink (I mostly just want the turtles & frogs! & the raindrops & the peacock scallops… so I guess All of it then)
6. Acacia by Tula Pink
7. Salt Water by Tula Pink
8. Basically all the Doctor Who themed fabric on Spoonflower


My lists weren’t as long as I expected, but I’m fairly confident that is temporary.  My goal here is to keep track of what I want to do, & what I have going on.  I will be marking items off the lists as I complete them & add links to pictures and such as well.  Plus I’ll be adding items to the lists, as well.

S&Y Green Turtle


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