About Me

In no truly particular order…

I am thirty-something

I am a mom (two boys!)

I have been married for over 10 years

I have lived in KY all my life

I am a UK Wildcats fan (a requirement in my Dad’s family!)

I love crafting

I currently focus on quilting

I also knit, crochet & make Baskets too

I ♥ butterflies }i{

I live in the country on about 20 acres

I named the land “Turtle Bottom” because we have a lot of turtles out here (box turtles & alligator snappers, mostly)

I considered other names, mostly based on the prolific blackberry & wild rose briers on our land

I am typically quite lazy

I have found that the motivation from the crafting/blogging community is helpful for me

I enjoy reading – but I don’t have one particular genre that I stick with

I like mysteries, sci-fi, light fantasy, period & historical fiction (I have read Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter.  It was quite…. strange.  But I enjoyed it)

I basically like the same types of movies as I do books, but I’m more likely to watch a comedy, than to read one

I have a sock collection

I love to go barefoot, or wear sandals (insert KY country-girl joke here…. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them all by now)

I was not raised in the country, but in the suburbs

I am a Libertarian – most of my family are Democrats – most of my neighbors are Republicans

I love movies & television

I don’t actually get any television channels (no cable, no satellite, no broadcast signal)

I watch all my TV on the internet or DVDs, which also means I am often behind by a season or more (so please, no spoilers!)

I enjoy drawing, but I’m not very good – so I stick with drawing quilt patterns, mostly (& other sewing projects)

I love playing with databases, which I get to do most days, for work

I joined the blog-world in order to hang out with other fabric crafters on-line

I am highly disorganized

I am also a procrastinator – I believe these two are closely related

I never looked at designers until I started blogging – but now I know my favorite designer is Tula Pink

I look forward to my annual crafting retreat with my mother, one weekend each June

I want to learn wood-crafting

I almost always wear jeans, or a skirt

S&Y Green Turtle


5 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven’t quite gotten into the whole shopping online thing yet but I can definitely see the benefits! I detest crowds and my biggest problem…I don’t know what I’m looking for. Shelley ..redquilts.


    • I also try to start my Christmas shopping early, like August. If I can get some of it done before the Christmas crowds get going, it’s not as bad.
      Thanks for coming by! 🙂
      ~ Meagan


  2. HI Meagan,
    I have posted my review of ‘Glazed Murder’. What a fun read. I am going to pass it along to my niece. She promises to make the pumpkin donuts. I am going to try the baked donuts. I don’t deep fry as hot oil scares me. Thanks so much .


  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I liked your list about you — I can’t decide what’s worse for you, being surrounded by snapping turtles or the Republicans. I visited KY a few years back and loved it. Your knitting on FNSI is also much admired. Cheers from a fellow Anglophile!


  4. Hello Meagan, Thanks for visiting my blog today. And thanks for linking to the traveling stash box. I don’t have a huge following so it needs all the promotion it can get. We’ll be seeing alot of each other because I joined the BOM too. It looks like it will be a fun year.
    I need to post my FNSI …. I forgot all about it until I saw yours.


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