The 12 Crafts of Christmas 2013 #8

The 12 Crafts of Christmas #8

Silhouette Mugs


My Amazing & Awesome Husband bought me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas this year!! Funny thing is that I had already thought I would make these mugs, but I was going to do it the old fashioned way. Print a photo, hand cut it with an X-Acto & then use that as a stencil & be REALLY CAREFUL with the Sharpies. But even better, Mr Amazing already had the Cameo ordered for me when I told him my plan, so he let me have my gift early, which made making these SO MUCH EASIER!

Mr Amazing also took the actual profile photo of the boys for me, & manipulated it in the gimp to get the outlines right for the Cameo cutting. Then I put a piece of Contact paper through it & viola! Instant Sticker Templates!


Black & White first – I just stuck the outside stickers on the mug, and filled them in with Black Sharpie. Yoo-Hoo’s face on one side, & Ale-8’s on the other. The Red & White one is done the opposite way. I put the inside stickers on it, & used the Red Sharpie to add dots outlining the faces, & extending out to shade the full area. It didn’t turn out quite as well, but I like the idea. Next time, I’ll know to work more on being consistent with the dot frequency.

Once they are colored in, you peel the stencil stickers off & bake them in the oven at 350 for half an hour. I went ahead & let them cool down in there too, after I turned the oven off. Big Thank You to Elsie at a Beautiful Mess for this, since it was her tutorial that made me want to try it. (Also, she is how I know you should not put these in the dishwasher.)

S&Y Green Turtle

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