The 12 Crafts of Christmas 2013 #7

The 12 Crafts of Christmas 2013 #7

Effies & Ollies, the Elephants


I love making these little elephants! They are Effie & Ollie by Heather Bailey. The elephants pictured above are numbers 4, 5, & 1 respectively, in the order that I made them. Numbers 6 & 7 are cut out, waiting to be stitched together & numbers 2 & 3 have already been delivered to their new homes.

elephant-Al-sideview elephant-L-sideview

These things are so cute! Just check out those backsides!


I also have the Henry & Henrietta pattern, but I haven’t tried them yet. Maybe those will be one of my 12 Crafts of Christmas 2014.

Henry was the pattern I really wanted, so I could stitch myself up some Turtle Bottom mascots. But a couple people have had elephant themed nurseries, so I started with Effie & Ollie instead. Once I get the hang of these patterns, I intend to try & create some of my own.

If you’ve ever created a pattern yourself, do you have any tips or tricks to pass along? Also, if you were going to create your own stuffed pattern, what animal / object would you like to design?

S&Y Green Turtle

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  1. Gorgeous Elephants! Heather Bailey makes some wonderful patterns, I have had my eye on this one and the turtles for years but haven’t made them yet. I also love the animals from the Melly & Me patterns! I have a soft spot for Owl patterns and I made one once and found that symmetry and making sure you create smooth lines and angles was important. I drew mine on paper and made it up as I went a long and found some of the angles and attaching the wings a bit fiddly! All the best with creating some patterns, can’t wait to see them! 🙂


  2. Ps, Thank you also for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment! Your blog is set to “no reply” though so I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your comment 😦


    • Thank you for stopping by, Miranda! I thought I had figured out the “no reply” issues already, but obviously I should have another look at that 🙂

      Thanks also for the tips on pattern creation. I’m leaning toward starting out with either a teddy bear or a pig. I think the pig would be simpler than the bear, but the bear is more classic. I plan on making up some other animals using pre-existing patterns still, in order to get more familiar with the different ways three dimensional pieces actually fit together. But I’ve started drawing out ideas. Success or failure – I will post the first attempt!


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