The 12 Crafts of Christmas 2013 #5

The 12 Crafts of Christmas 2013 #5

Ribbon Tree Ornaments


I found these on Pinterest back in January & decided to use them for my annual ornament exchange with my friends. But our ornament exchange got altered this year, so I decided to make these cute ribbon ornaments for my co-workers & my local quilting club friends, instead. The photo above is about 1/3 of the full amount I made.

ornaments-2 ornaments-1 ornaments-circle

Cute & inexpensive, I made a total of about 65 of these. Most of the beads were already in my craft supply, so I mainly only bought the ribbon & some stars for the tops.


Aren’t those stars just so cute?! These ornaments were so much fun & pretty simple to make. I typically made three per 45 minute episode. I think they could’ve gone faster if I were more focused, but they worked pretty well for TV crafting. Although, I realized part way into an episode, that I can’t make them while watching Lilyhammer. (So excited Season 2 finally came out!!) There is too much reading required in that show, to pay attention to anything except the screen.

Five crafts down & seven to go! How are you doing on your Christmas crafting so far?

S&Y Green Turtle

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