The 12 Crafts of Christmas 2013 #4

The 12 Crafts of Christmas 2013 #4

Paper Snowflakes


These are a Christmas Classic! I love making these things & could probably make them anytime of year. This year, I sat down with Yoo-hoo & we made a few together. Some of them, I made by myself & some of them, he helped me with. I always try to make mine really different from each other, but he mostly wanted me to cut out small rectangle shapes. So his have a lot more paper left in them than mine do.


(Please forgive my poor photography)

I would fold the paper & pass it to him. He would draw the cut out shapes & pass it back to me. Then I would cut them out. Cutting through 12 layers of paper at once was hard on my grown-up hands. If I’d let him try, I was scared he’d injure himself, so this system worked out well from my perspective. He hadn’t ever made paper snowflakes before, & he really enjoyed it. He will most likely want to make more, every couple weeks, even when it’s not snow season. & I might be okay with that 😉

We did try out something new that I’d never seen done before. On some of our papers, we colored them with crayons before folding & cutting. So some of them have a color other than white. This is probably the cheapest Christmas decorating ever! But it’s also some of the most fun possible!

What are the favorite Christmas Crafts at your house?

S&Y Green Turtle

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