Friday Night Sew In was this weekend!  I actually participated, accomplished a bit & have taken photos!

A friend and I have been working on submissions for the Dream Rocket project.  It has been fun to work on.  I think mine turned out pretty cute too.  I finished it last night during FNSI.

Dream Rocket

Once that was finished, I started work on my very first mug rug.  It’s for a friend at work as a Christmas gift.

WIP mug rug

I still need to satin stitch around two of the diamonds.  Then I’ll add some dotted lines crossing the diamonds to make it argyle.  Four of us took the day off and went shopping yesterday.  I think the friend I’m making this one for looked at every single argyle piece of clothing in every store we went in.  It was something we had in common.  🙂

So, I didn’t get a whole lot finished last night, but I’m pleased with the work so far.  Did you participate in the FNSI?  How did you do on your projects?

S&Y Green Turtle


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  1. I didn’t get any sewing done, but I did finish knitting my sister’s Christmas stocking. just have two ends to weave in and it’s ready for filling.


    • I worked on a crocheted afghan for last month’s sew in. Great job getting the stocking done! I’m glad you were feeling up to it, after being sick earlier in the week. I’d love to see pictures of the finished project! Will you be sharing with blog land, or will we have to wait until after Christmas?


  2. Good job on the sew-in. I like the colors of the Mug Rug.


    • Thank you, Deanna!

      It is my first ever. The next one I plan to make is going to be pink and black, for another friend of mine. I currently have three on my Christmas “To Make” list. We’ll see how they go 🙂


  3. Your Dream Rocket submission is fabulous!


    • Thanks Em! I originally just planned to have the people on the moon, but my husband was joking saying I’d have to put bubbles on their heads or they’d all suffocate. So I planted trees instead 🙂 Problem solved!


  4. That is such a great project. Inspiring. I finally finished a dress I cut out a year and a half ago this weekend. It is great when you get time to do it.


    • That is one of the reasons I really love the Friday Night Sew In! It is one night a month, when I am better motivated to get something accomplished. I’d probably get a lot more accomplished if I’d stop trying to watch videos at the same time though 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!


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