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Challenge Finish & A Fond Farewell

Goodbye, Leslie William Nielsen (Feb 11, 1956 – Nov 28, 2010)

Though he is most famous for his comedic roles in films such as Airplane! & The Naked Gun, I will forever remember him as the Heart Throb, leading man type. I will remember him as Captain John J Adams from Forbidden Planet, as Peter Brent in Tammy and the Bachelor, and as Charlie Telfer in Ransom!


Leslie Nielsen - Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Planet
Leslie Nielsen - Tammy and the Bachelor
Tammy and the Bachelor

I doubt most people my age have ever seen those, or noticed him in them. But in their younger years, I believe Leslie Nielsen was far better looking than Sean Connery, and I am sad to see him gone.

On a much happier note, today is the One Week Challenge link up. This past week was busy, busy with family gatherings & work. But I was able to meet my challenge goal and complete two of my needed three mug rugs! The first one started like this, during the November FNSI.

WIP mug rug

The idea was blue & green argyle. Honestly, the more I looked at that thing, the more I hated it. I think it may be the ugliest thing I’ve ever stitched together. So I scrapped it & bought new fabric FQs, in black, blue, green & light gray. Then I redesigned the mug rug to not use applique, and it turned out like this.

Argyle mug rug Argyle with mug

Once I’d bought the fabrics I went looking for the right mug, and I LOVE the one I found! I expected I’d just find something OKAY, and settle for whatever was available.  Instead, I found this great mug with diamond shapes on it to match the argyle.  The deep brown color goes nicely with the dark colors of the mug rug, but it’s so shiny, in most lighting it really just reflects the colors it sits on anyway!

The second one actually started with the mug.  This friend loves all things pink, and I had stumbled upon this cute, pink, friendship mug depicting two sheep sitting at a cafe table. My first plan was to make the mug rug sheep shaped, with cloud like scallops, a cute sheep face and four little legs sticking out the bottom.  I knew I couldn’t bind that, so I made the sheep top, layered it inside out, stitched it up & turned it.  It was perfectly cute every step of the way… until I finished turning it right side out.  At that point, it showed puckers & bunched seams and it had short, scrawny, pitiful legs.  I was too aggrevated to photograph that version.

So… I flipped it back around, ripped a bunch of seams and started adding pink strips every-which-way I could.  That face was too cute and too much work to abandon.   I think the rectangle version turned out pretty cute when I was finished!

Pink Sheep Sheep with mug

The “grass” around the legs is even cut up from the original “sheep-shaped” backing.  So I was able to salvage that too, which left enough in my scrap stash to still make the full backing from that same fabric.

Sheep back

Two down & One to go!  I’d like to get the last one finished this week.  But it’s more important that I make further progress on my “secret” proect.  It has to be done, washed, dried & wrapped by Christmas morning.  I estimate about 40 hours of work left on it.  But that’s an over-estimation (I hope) to make me keep on track and not procrastinate.  I’ve been taking photos, so I should be able to build a pretty decent post out of it, after Christmas.  Can you believe December starts on Wednesday!!??!

S&Y Green Turtle


Friday Night Sew In was this weekend!  I actually participated, accomplished a bit & have taken photos!

A friend and I have been working on submissions for the Dream Rocket project.  It has been fun to work on.  I think mine turned out pretty cute too.  I finished it last night during FNSI.

Dream Rocket

Once that was finished, I started work on my very first mug rug.  It’s for a friend at work as a Christmas gift.

WIP mug rug

I still need to satin stitch around two of the diamonds.  Then I’ll add some dotted lines crossing the diamonds to make it argyle.  Four of us took the day off and went shopping yesterday.  I think the friend I’m making this one for looked at every single argyle piece of clothing in every store we went in.  It was something we had in common.  🙂

So, I didn’t get a whole lot finished last night, but I’m pleased with the work so far.  Did you participate in the FNSI?  How did you do on your projects?

S&Y Green Turtle

Introducing: My Boys & Their Costumes

As I’m sure everyone realizes, Halloween was this past weekend.  I am such a procrastinator (normally, at least).  But this year, we had the costumes done ahead of time!  It just takes me awhile extra to get the photos posted. 🙂  But at least my older son got to wear his costume for the party at school on Friday!

I’ve noticed that a lot of the bloggers I follow will talk about their family & use abbreviations or nicknames for people.  This is cool, I think, because it allows the readers to follow along with who’s-who, but it also allows the blogger to keep some anonymity about their children’s names.  I’m a little paranoid about that sort of thing too, since this blog is public.  So, I’ve decided to “rename” my children.  From now on, they will be known as:


Ale-8 & Yoo-Hoo!

Halloween-2010 (Ale 8 1 & yoo-hoo)


It’s difficult to say whether this is the best we’ve done on costumes.  But this is only yoo-hoo’s second Halloween, and we didn’t make his costume last year.  So this is the first time we’ve had a chance to make a costume set, and I think they’re super cute!

For those of you who are not from my area (KY) Ale-8-1 is a local soft drink.  It is actually a caffeinated ginger ale &  is a family favorite in our house!!  I think most everyone knows yoo-hoo. But in case you don’t it is a chocolate drink, and also a favorite in our house!   I was slightly tempted to let them both dress as Ale-8s, but since the little guy has never had any, we chose yoo-hoo instead.

I probably should’ve taken some photos of the supplies used to make the costumes.  But I just didn’t think of it before hand.  My husband was the design man on this project.  I did most of the production 🙂   We used water tubing from the local hardware store to make the cans keep their round shape.  The yellow on the Ale-8 (top & bottom) was looped around to make a sleeve for the tubing.  On the yoo-hoo, the brown chocolate drips fold over to form the sleeves.  Our original plan included white fabric and paint to get the logos added to the front (and back) of the cans.  But at some point, my brilliant husband realized that the logos cut off of 12-pack boxes were the perfect size!  That saved us HOURS of time & work!  It also meant we didn’t have to wait for any drying time, before they could try them on.  The only thing he painted was Yoo-Hoo’s pop tab.  Ale-8’s was made of duct tape (as are the top & bottom rims of his can), but we were concerned that yoo-hoo would pull his off all night.  So we made it light enough that he would forget it was there.

Since both drinks are available in bottles, which come in handled carry-boxes, I decided those would make the perfect candy buckets.  So that’s what they’re carrying in the photo, to collect all their loot.


Did you make any costumes this year?  I’d love to hear about them!

S&Y Green Turtle