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Sorry for the Delay: & The Winner Is…

#4 Heather!

I decided to wait until Thursday morning to let Little Miss Random do her thing.  Since I didn’t give a specific time for closing the giveaway, I wanted to let anyone commenting on Wednesday have a chance too.

The nice thing about having a smaller blog is that if you do a giveaway, each commenter has a much higher chance of winning! 🙂

So Heather, you should be receiving an email from me soon to get all your details.


In other news, I have decided to try FNSI again in November!

I haven’t yet decided what project(s) I will work on.  I still have my secret Christmas gift that is not finished.  My afghan is nearly done.  I want to try out Terri’s makeup bag, but I need to purchase a zipper foot first.  The store I typically shop has been out of them for MONTHS – seriously annoying, right?  I also have some other small-ish projects I want to get done soon.  I think I need to add a “WIP / To Do” list on here.  It would be good to have someplace to track those types of things.  I bet my “To Do” list would end up being a MILE LONG!


Tonight is Halloween costume night!  My older son is supposed to have his ready for school tomorrow.  The baby’s can wait until the weekend, but since we’re doing one, we’ll probably get them both done tonight.  If they’re ready, I’ll post pictures tomorrow or Saturday!

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Catching Up & Challenge Results!

There have been THREE weekends since my last blog posting!  That is too much time.  So here is an update of accomplishments from this past month.

Five day weekend was spent hanging out with my family.  We drove up to Ohio one day to visit the Air Force museum.  My son really wanted to see the SR-71 BlackBird. If you ever have the chance to go, you should make the trip.  It is free to get in, and they have a ton of flight & military history to absorb!

I didn’t do much sewing.  But my son & I worked on some Perler Bead projects.  I made these cute little boxes.  One is a puzzle cube and the other is just a gift box with lid.  They were a lot of fun to make!  I love Perler Beads  ♥ !

Here is a preview of part of my “secret” Christmas project!  I know you can’t really tell anything about it from looking at this photo.  So my “secret” is still safe!! I did most of this work over my five day weekend too.

Friday Night Sew In! I only partly participated this month.  Apparently we had some sort of bug at home that week.  I put the baby to bed Thursday evening around 8:30 or 9.  Then I went to bed myself & was completely passed out very soon after.  I slept, slept, slept until the alarm woke me Friday morning.  I was so excited for the FNSI, I bought snack & drink supplies to help keep me awake.  But by the time I got home, I was too tired to mess with any of it.  So after the kids were in bed, I put on my PJs, grabbed my crochet bag and climbed into bed myself.  My husband was very supportive.  He watched shows with me to help me stay up and at least work on something.  I had a list of about 7 projects I wanted to choose from – mostly sewing.  But I only worked on the one I could do in bed. 🙂  I did end up getting the last panel of the afghan nearly completed.  I’ll take & post a photo of the panels when I get the last one completed.

Once I get this panel finished, I will have five total, ready to put together.  Does anyone know any good tutorials showing different ways to crochet panels together?  Once I get this piece done, I will be making a couple small test panels to practice joining.  I’ll probably just make up different joining patterns until I find one I like.

I was not happy with my lack of progress, or lack of photography on Friday night, so I didn’t bother linking up on Saturday.  But I did actually work on something!

Today completes the October One Thing One Week Challenge, as hosted by Amy.  Here are the promised pictures of my September results.

You can tell I need a lot of work.  But overall, I was not terribly disappointed by my first attempt.

This week, I decided to work one of the projects I didn’t do for the Friday Night Sew In.  I made a “luggage tag” for my son’s band instrument.  The tag he was using is from a store where we were previously renting an instrument.  Since we no longer rent from them, we didn’t want to keep the store logo on his case, because we don’t want someone to think that’s where it should be returned if it gets lost.  ALSO, the other tag is just flat, with his information clearly visible on one side.  For safety reasons, I prefer the fold over style tags, that have to be opened in order to read the name.  That way, someone can’t just read it as he passes by, and then pretend to know him.  Here are my results!

Any guesses about which instrument he plays?

The Elvis version was my test run, since I didn’t really have a pattern exactly – just the ideas in my head.  It turned out pretty well, I think.  So I’m sending it to my grandmother, who enjoyed Elvis quite a lot.  So hooray for meeting my Challenge Goal this week!  You should go here and check out what everyone else has accomplished.

I had a LOT of fun making the luggage tags and I’m looking for an excuse to make some more.  SO – I’ve decided to do my very first giveaway!  Entering to win is simple.  Just leave me a comment on this blog post to let me know you’re interested.  In your comment, please give me a theme or color set idea so I can try to pick fabric you’ll like.  Make sure you have an email address available, so I can contact you if you win.  This will be the first time I’ve ever tried this, so I’m not sure about how the “No-Reply” stuff works between blog sites (i.e. between WordPress & Blogger).

So: Leave me a comment, with a theme or color scheme idea that you like.   Make sure I have access to your email address.  And on Wednesday, I will select a winner via (because that’s what all the cool kids use)

S&Y Green Turtle

Five Days of Giveaways! & a mini-update

Hollyhock Quilts is hosting a five day giveaway of precut Moda bundles!!  Head over to her site to get yourself signed up to win.  There are prizes awarded for each day of this week, through Friday.  Today’s prizes are a Layer Cake from Holly Jolly Snowmen by Kathy Schmitz, a Charm Pack from Frosted Memories by Holly Taylor and a Turnover from Figgy Pudding by Basicgrey!

I’ll try to post a “real” update sometime later today or tomorrow.  It’s been a busy busy time lately and I haven’t made any progress on my projects.  But I have a five day weekend coming up, and the weekend after that is the Friday Night Sew In.  So I should be getting some stuff done in the next little bit here! 🙂  I did take some time to try to figure out how to adjust the pressure on my presser foot.  But after reading my manual, and looking over every centimeter of my machine, I have come to the conclusion that it just doesn’t have that capability.  So I will simply make due with what I have available!  I really will get pictures up of my test sandwiches.  Then you guys can see what my results were.  Maybe I’ll try another test this weekend, and hope for improvement!

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