Happy Autumn!

LeafHappy Second Day of Autumn!

Originally, this was a “Happy First Day of Autumn” post.  But that was last night, and that post got auto-saved to death, and I was too tired and frustrated to re-write it then.  So now it is a “Happy Second Day of Autumn” post! 🙂

I generally prefer the summer months because I like heat much better than cold.  But this year has been too extreme, so I am really looking forward to some cooler fall days.  Plus, I love Autumn colors here in Kentucky!  When the trees start changing, my woods take on all different colors.  We get varying shades of orange, yellow, red and even purple.  This year the wildflowers have been mostly purple & yellow.  Pretty soon the trees will start changing to match.

I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but somehow, I ended up on an old (but new to me) blog yesterday, and found myself fascinated by the idea.  Rachel, from p.s. i quilt, had created and hosted a blog group for a Calendar Quilt project for 2009.  I had never heard of such a thing, but I looked through the numerous photos and they were very neat.  I had previously been thinking that I might want to do a fall quilt, since I like those colors so well.  Or that maybe I would try a quilt of all four seasons.  But after going through those calendar quilts yesterday, I’m thinking that would be fun too.

The idea is that you start at the beginning of the year, (or at any time you’d like to start, really) and select a piece of fabric to represent each day of the year.  As each day comes along, you find something that represents that day to you, and add it to your quilt.  For example, one quilter used some black & white fireworks fabric for New Year’s Day.  People would choose special fabrics for special birthdays during the year.  Many of them were selecting a scrap fabric from a project they worked on each day.  So basically, they were journaling the year, in fabric!  I love that idea.  Most of the participants added their daily strips (or squares, &c.) into a monthly block.  Then they were going to put the blocks together at the end into a full year quilt.  Many of them were simply long strips stitched side-by-side to make long blocks.  Some were put together into more square shape blocks.  My favorite though, was done by Karen, a.k.a. OtterDaughter.  I was not able to find a picture of her finished quilt, so I’m not sure whether she completed it.  But I hope she did, because her idea is so simple & perfect.  Rather than using uniform sizes of fabric strips, she used varying widths & lengths.  She fleshed each strip out with the same solid brown, and turned each of her months of strips, into a shelf of books!  This is such a fabulous idea, and the months I saw completed turned out wonderfully!

So now I’m thinking that 2011 is coming up.  And this project would really only take a couple minutes each day.  So maybe, maybe, maybe – I will try this one.  It was quite interesting for me to see the drastically different ideas people came up with, for this project.  I think most participants were trying to use it as a “stash busting” project.  But there were a few at least who were actually using it to build up their stashes instead.

If you’re interested, you should check out the blog.  When I came across it I had no idea what they were talking about.  So I went all the way back to the first post and then followed along from there.  It is over a year’s worth of blog entries, by up to 90 quilters.  So it took quite awhile to go through.  But I didn’t stop and read everything; after awhile I only stopped to look at the  photos and read a post every once in awhile.

In other news…. nothing.  I haven’t done my challenge yet.  I find it difficult to carve out crafting time in the evenings after work.  When the boys are up, I want to spend time with them.  Once they’re in bed, I want to spend time with my husband.  And once he’s in bed…. well, so am I.  So hopefully I will be able to find time this weekend, but we will be on the go every day, so even if I find some time, it probably won’t be much.  But that’s okay.  Because even if I can only find one hour, that is still one hour closer to finished on my Secret Christmas Project!

Speaking of Christmas, did you realize that Halloween is just around the corner?  We have two young ones at home that dress up and go Trick or Treating.  Typically, we make the costumes.  Do you ever make Halloween costumes for yourself or anyone else?  My older son always enjoys his costumes (the baby has only had one Halloween so far, and we didn’t make that costume).  But he usually chooses to be something that is obscure to everyone else, so he spends a great deal of time explaining it!  I think that’s part of the fun for him though.  We have our idea for this year.  I think it will be mainly poster board for a change.  I’m excited because the boys costumes go together 🙂 …but that assumes that they will work out.  LOL  We always have a backup plan, and we have had to use those backups a few different times!  So we will see how it goes this year, and I will let you know!

S&Y Green Turtle


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  1. Happy Autumn to you too! I agree with you about being done with this summer. It was just too hot and humid in Wisconsin. I love Autumn, especially the cool, crisp days and beautiful fall colors.

    I knew that calendar blog was out there, but I never took take the time to understand it. After reading your post, now I get it! What a cool idea to journal your year with fabrics. I’m not sure I would keep up, but it sure is tempting to add to my 2011 list!


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