One Thing, One Week Challenge!

Park City Girl, over at Amy’s Creative Side, has issued a challenge, & this time around, I decided to accept!  The challenge is to choose one goal that you can accomplish within a week – & reach it!

For my goal, I decided that I will get photographs taken (& downloaded to my PC) of all the finished projects I’m wanting to write about here.  That way, I can include pictures with my stories about what I made!

If I reach that goal, I’m also going to try to organize my sewing area.  I just traded in my card table, for a set of shelves & an industrial sewing machine table (with machine, but I can’t use it yet).  Currently all my stuff is just shoved back onto the shelves.  Previously it was stacked horribly on, under & around the card table.  So even just shoving it into shelves is an improvement.  But it really isn’t “good enough.”

If you have a project that needs a little extra motivation, you should consider accepting Amy’s challenge!  Did I mention she gives random drawn prizes to people who meet their goal? 🙂

Amy's Creative Side

2 responses to this post.

  1. good luck with your challenge this week!!


    • Thanks, Lindsay! I took some pictures yesterday, so today I need to get them onto my PC where I can work with them. I still need to ask some of my family to take photos of the items I’ve gifted to them, but I at least have pictures to work with for right now 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!!


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