My first completed quilt

I had wanted to make a quilt for a long time, but hadn’t yet tried because I didn’t have any idea how to do the binding.  My mom & I were going on a weekend craft retreat, which immediately became an annual trip for us.  Many of my craft projects have come from those annual weekends. 🙂 One of the classes offered that year was a simple beginners quilt, so I signed up!

The supply list included twelve bandanas, a co-ordinating twin size top sheet, twin size batting & thread.  In class we sewed the bandanas together in a simple 3 x 4 grid.  I’d had a difficult time choosing colors at the store, so I’d bought a lot of extra bandanas.  I guess I thought I’d figure it out during class.  I had just as hard a time deciding in class as I did in the store. 🙂  I ended up using mainly navy blue, with a few dark green scattered in.

Once the top was made, we laid out our batting, added the sheet on top, then the bandanas on top of that, keeping bandanas & sheet right sides together.  We pinned the layers together, then trmmed the sheet & batting.  Next thing we did was to sew the layers together on three full sides & most of the fourth.  It sseems like I left about an eight inch gap.  We used the open gap to reach in & pull the quilt out, turning it right side out in the process.

After turning it, we top stitched around all four sides, closing the gap & making the edges nice & matched.  Well, mine really aren’t that even, but luckily for me, I’m not a perfectionist.  I also cut myself some extra slack since it was my first quilt.

I didn’t have time to finish in class, but the instructor said we could either quilt it later or tack & tie it with yarn.  Since I don’t much like the “tack & tie” yarn look, I brought it hope and added straight line stitching along all my seams…. & that was it!  My first quilt was finished!!

You probably noticed that at no point did I mention adding binding to the quilt.  It had occurred to me until then, that you could layer it inside-out, then stitch it & turn it for a binding free quilt.  The one step which had kept me from trying quilts on my own, turned out to be optional! 🙂

I made a few more turned quilts before I ventured on to self-binding.  I definitely thikn they look better with the binding.  But as a first quilt for someone like me, who was too afraid to get started for fear it would be too difficult to finish, the no binding, turn & stitch approach was perfect!

I gifted that first quilt to my husband.  He still uses it in his recliner.  Since my son wanted it, but didn’t get it, I promised him he could help me pick out the fabrics for *his* quilt.  That will probably be the topic of my next post.

I’d love to hear about your first quilt.  Or any other first time project you’ve done!


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  1. Hey there!

    I can totally relate to this post! I too had wanted to sew a quilt for a long time, but I always put it off because I was nervous about sewing the binding. It turned out to be pretty easy! I guess the great thing about sewing is that you can always take the stitches out 🙂 My first quilt was a Christmas lap quilt, and once I finished it I had family members asking when I was going to make theirs!

    Do you have a picture of your quilts? It would be great to see them 🙂

    Great post!



  2. Congratulations on a first quilt. You will find that pictures add a lot to your blog, but don’t feel bad without them. People lived for a long time without pictures by using vivid description, an art we have largely lost. Keep up your blogging.


    • Oh yes, pictures are coming soon! I am going to be taking them this weekend, for both the “first quilt” blog, and the ones I expect to write here in the near future. For my current project (which I can’t discuss fully until after Christmas) , I’ve been taking photos throughout the process. I still haven’t seen anyone else make a quilt quite like it yet. So I’m hopeful that people will be interested to see it when it’s done.

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! 🙂


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