My First Post

I decided to start this blog in order to share some of my crafting stories with the crafting & blogging community.  I have been creating quilts for about five years or so.  My first quilt went to my husband and my second to my son.  Numbers three, four and five were created as a set for myself, my mother and my grandmother.  Of course, I never finished the one for myself. 🙂  I started another quilt for myself, but was sidetracked by pregnancy.  In 2009-2010, I made six baby blankets for various friends and family, including my own new baby boy.  My current quilt project is a Christmas present for a family member, so I won’t discuss it just yet.

I enjoy other crafts as well.  I take basket making classes about once a year, and have made approximately six baskets over the past few years.  I enjoy knitting and crocheting blankets and scarves.  I have not yet branched out into clothing.  When I do, socks will probably be first on my list of attempted projects.  I have made some purses as well, and intend to sew a few more this year as Christmas gifts.  I occasionally will take more traditional art classes, such as drawing or painting.  I also do simple glass etching projects.

I intend to write more detailed postings on many of my earlier projects (with photos) over the next few months.  I am especially excited about the quilt I am making now.  I’ve been making sure to take pictures at various stages of the creation.  Once it’s been given I’ll be able to write about it.  I don’t have as much time as I would like to be able to spend at my sewing table.  Most of my crafting projects are either done as part of a class, or as gifts for friends and family.  I have found that various forms of creation are good therapy and relaxation time for me.  Quilting has been great for me because it is such a process.  I am able to focus on each stage of the process until the final product is achieved.  Each stage gives my mind and hands something different and productive to do, which often takes my mind away from the daily stress of a 40 hour work week.


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